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Mathew Carley mathewc@h...
Sun Nov 13 22:03:17 NZDT 2005

>Did you check that this package was compiled for your distribution?
>Ie was that .deb for ubuntu hoary, or was it for debian sarge? .deb is
>just a packaging format, it doesn't magically work on any computer that
>can install .deb files, just like you can't assume a Red hat .rpm will
>work on mandriva.

Debian package <> (7.7 MB)
Xandros, MEPIS, Ubuntu, other Debian-based distros
Apparantely it was. Whether or not "Debian-based distros" is accurate is up
to the development team.

After reading a bit, I downloaded a version from<>that someone had re-compiled
to work "correctly" with Ubuntu - which still
didn't seem to work.

>What provider offers 40mbit connection(s) in NZ ? Seems a rather odd
>shape for bandwidth allocation.

1. No bandwidth provider offers 40mbit connections in New Zealand. I am
currently living in Finland.
2. Yes, you are correct, it is unusual. I think it's actually rated at
48Mbits, but I typically get around 4000 *kilobytes* per second in actual
download speed (total).

I posted a screenshot of my downloading of the Breezy ISO from Denmark (not
using a download manager other than the one that comes with firefox). The
file came in at a measly average of 2950 kilobytes per second. (I have also
used <> and got similar speeds).

The screenshot is at

>Sometimes Debian packages will work on Ubuntu, but that is only

>If a package doesn?t work because it was made for Debian, not
>Ubuntu, don?t even dream of installing other Debian packages to
>make it run. You?ll tear up your system, but you won?t achieve a
>working install.

I figured that I was having a problem such as this, but wanted to see how
far I could take it and if I could actually get it to work. I can load up
skype and see my buddy list, but if I want to use voice or even text chat?


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