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[wlug] Installing Skype on Ubuntu [Rant]

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Mathew Carley mathewc@h...
Wed Nov 16 06:07:01 NZDT 2005

It seems to be to have more "stuff" with it: which may or may not be a
good thing, depending on your opinion. Apps and Eye candy are also a bit
helpful in the choice: not just for me, either.

I will put it this way... with the exception of MPlayer (matter of
preference for media players) and programs like Skype, there is very
little else that needs to be installed on a brand-spanking new install
of SuSE, and most of the dependancies for these programs (except maybe
the Win32 codecs for MPlayer) are already included and configured with
the System.

As I said, I still like Ubuntu, and am now considering running Ubuntu on
my laptop (lightweight distro, at least, until I put some more RAM in
it) and SuSE on my desktop (When I build it).

It is possible that I am biased because I am more familiar with SuSE
than I am with Ubuntu - it is the distro that rescued me from the "Red
Hat = Linux" mindset (RH was what I had been using for most of my "Linux
life"). It is also the distro of choice when I install Linux for other
people (if not only for the eye candy.

In saying that, though, I don't see why I can't resurrect some old
hardware with the aide of Ubuntu, given that SuSE can be a heavyweight
on old systems, if the people whom I am moving off of Windows don't want
to buy a Mac Mini or something.

So yeah: After using Breezy for a couple of days, I do now like Ubuntu
as a distro; despite my being a sucker for eye-candy, though if I end up
using it more than a week (quite likely at this point), then I'll start
customizing Gnome with some themes and custom icons and all that.

Consider my rant over. I now like Ubuntu more than I did the other day.
But I still like KDE as well - I'm sure I can add it on somehow (I use
both UIs... they both have certain features I like about each one,
so...) When I have time...


> >  However, all is well now (until my hard drive and more RAM arrives),  
> >  at which time it will be a tougher decision than originally anticipated
> to  
> >  choose between SuSE 10 and Breezy. It hasn't taken long (or much)  
> > to like Ubuntu so far, though as a "full featured" distro, I will probably
> > end up with SuSE. 
> I'm interested to learn in which way Ubuntu is not "full featured"? 
> Craig

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