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[wlug] Installing Skype on Ubuntu [Rant]

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Chris O'Halloran chris.ohalloran@m...
Wed Nov 16 09:06:03 NZDT 2005

I have recently joined the wlug as a member and thanks to Jonathan, have 
received the install disk for kubuntu. Kubuntu is supposedly Ubuntu but with 
KDE instead? of Gnome.

I too am a long time user of Suse but have tired a little of the crippled 
multimedia apps and the difficulty of maintaining KDE upto date without 
paying for more boxed sets. With the Wlug user base predominantly Ubuntu I 
hope Kubuntu provides a nice crossover.

It will be interesting comparing was Suse provides and what Ubuntu provides.

On Wednesday 16 November 2005 06:07, Mathew Carley wrote:
> It seems to be to have more "stuff" with it: which may or may not be a
> good thing, depending on your opinion. Apps and Eye candy are also a bit
> helpful in the choice: not just for me, either.
> I will put it this way... with the exception of MPlayer (matter of
> preference for media players) and programs like Skype, there is very
> little else that needs to be installed on a brand-spanking new install
> of SuSE, and most of the dependancies for these programs (except maybe
> the Win32 codecs for MPlayer) are already included and configured with
> the System.
> As I said, I still like Ubuntu, and am now considering running Ubuntu on
> my laptop (lightweight distro, at least, until I put some more RAM in
> it) and SuSE on my desktop (When I build it).
> It is possible that I am biased because I am more familiar with SuSE
> than I am with Ubuntu - it is the distro that rescued me from the "Red
> Hat = Linux" mindset (RH was what I had been using for most of my "Linux
> life"). It is also the distro of choice when I install Linux for other
> people (if not only for the eye candy.
> In saying that, though, I don't see why I can't resurrect some old
> hardware with the aide of Ubuntu, given that SuSE can be a heavyweight
> on old systems, if the people whom I am moving off of Windows don't want
> to buy a Mac Mini or something.
> So yeah: After using Breezy for a couple of days, I do now like Ubuntu
> as a distro; despite my being a sucker for eye-candy, though if I end up
> using it more than a week (quite likely at this point), then I'll start
> customizing Gnome with some themes and custom icons and all that.
> Consider my rant over. I now like Ubuntu more than I did the other day.
> But I still like KDE as well - I'm sure I can add it on somehow (I use
> both UIs... they both have certain features I like about each one,
> so...) When I have time...
> Mathew
> > >  However, all is well now (until my hard drive and more RAM arrives),
> > >  at which time it will be a tougher decision than originally
> > > anticipated
> >
> > to
> >
> > >  choose between SuSE 10 and Breezy. It hasn't taken long (or much)
> > > to like Ubuntu so far, though as a "full featured" distro, I will
> > > probably
> > >
> > > end up with SuSE.
> >
> > I'm interested to learn in which way Ubuntu is not "full featured"?
> >
> > Craig

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