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[wlug] Visio equivalent for Linux

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Ian McDonald imcdnzl@g...
Tue Nov 22 07:20:05 NZDT 2005

On 11/21/05, sam@m... <sam@m...> wrote:
> Oh, there is one program that is probably worth pointing out, even if
> you can't use it yet:
> Xara X commercial graphics program going open source, they have a basic
> Linux build working at the moment.
> Might be worth following this to see how it progresses. Doesn't help any
> of us wanting to create graphics on Linux right now of course.
> Cheers,
> Sam
And see notes on Inkscape 0.43 released today. Things are looking better....

The focus of this release is on the exciting new features sponsored by Google
through their Summer of Code (SoC) program which provided funding for four
individuals to contribute to Inkscape. The primary additions this release are:

    * Connectors: A new indispensable connector tool implements creation,
      editing, and auto-routing (object-avoiding) of connector lines between
      objects. It is indispensable for drawing diagrams. (Google SoC project)
    * Inkboard Collaborative Editing: One may now connect to other Inkscape
      users over a network and edit a shared document, watch changes, and
      contribute one's own changes. (Google SoC project)
    * Pressure and Tilt Sensitivity: The calligraphy tool may now use a tablet
      pen with pressure and tilt support to vary the width and angle of a
      calligraphic stroke.
    * Better Node Editing: One may freely drag, bend, and stretch a Bezier
      curve by any point and not only by a node. Also, one may easily add a new
      node at any point on the curve.
    * New Extensions: There are now extensions for envelope distortion,
      whirling, and adding nodes.
    * Refinements: Inkscape now supports improved precision, expanded limits,
      usability improvements and several bugfixes.
    * SVG Compliance: There is now additional support for the viewBox element
      improving SVG compatibility.
Ian McDonald
WAND Network Research Group
University of Waikato
New Zealand

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