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[wlug] problems connecting to the website

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Raymond Burgess raymond@d...
Wed Nov 23 12:21:52 NZDT 2005

Hey All.

I have been having a lot of trouble connecting to the Wlug website 
recently.  It's been at least a week, mayeb two since I remember being 
able to connect.

I'm having the same problems from the Office and at home.  I tried it 
from Olivers place last night and he also couldn't connect.  Oliver has 
a different ISP.  As I'm in Melbourne all of these attempts would 
probably use the same link to reach to New Zealand.  All of these 
attempts where using Firefox.

I have now attempted to view the site from a couple of US based machines 
using lynxs and from home using links and have had better success, 
although not what I expected.

One of the US machines complained initially with [socket failed: family 
10 addr 2002:d237:12fa::1 port 80.] this is probably due to having a 
badly setup ipv6 config.  It then falls back to using ipv4 and works, 
but at bytes per second, 100 *bytes* per second.  Which is very very 
slow.  I see the same speed from the other machines, no ipv6 error tho.

Has there been any changes made tot he server config in the last month? 
  I know that another wlug list member was having trouble connecting 
earlier in the year which I think was resolved once their ISP fixed up 
some routing issue.  I no longer have any NZ based shell accounts so I 
can't do any further testing, I assume it's ok inside NZ otherwise 
someone would have mentioned something earlier.

Does anyone have any suggestions for diagnosing connectivity issues like 
these?  I guess a step by step process for diagnosing such things would 
make a good page for the Wiki.


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