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[wlug] endace info request

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Gavin Denby redhat@i...
Thu Oct 5 18:04:46 NZDT 2006

Good info.

I was asked a bit about them, and knew very little

the website is a bit vague but as you said, the cards look specific and 
seem to be focussed on packet tracing more than typical security

I'm guessing traffic shaping and ... Dare I say it .. an internet that 
offers different service to different packets ( saves clogging the 
telecom tubes with voip traffic)

I guess I am interested in what they would be used for rather than 
needing the hardware myself. Its pretty top level

I mean ok Snort and other intrusion detection I get, but Ethereal, 
Ntop.. what would most networks need these for ? Quality of service 
checks maybe? or could this help limit the impact of a dos attack ?

And I wouldn't be surprised if we had employees in the Lug since the R&D 
centre is here in the Waikato. I'm more curious as to where these would 
normally be used, and for what sort of activity other than all the 
normal government spying that we all live in constant fear of  ;-)

Those who use these tools more might be willing to help educate me. Even 
if I suspect its a topic in its own right.

Daniel Lawson wrote:

> Hi Gavin,
>Endace is a commercialised product spun off from the WAND group at the
>University of Waikato, and as such a fair number of former and current
>WLUG members have used these.
>The cards themselves are fairly impressive - I have used them to do line
>rate capture of saturated gige traffic (something over 1.1Mpps I
>think?). They are in a fairly niche market however, and unless you're
>actually wanting to do traffic analysis or anything you might need a
>network coprocessor for, probably not really something you can slip into
>your Christmas wishlist....
>If you have any specific queries (ie, you actually want to buy one and
>want real info) it's probably best to talk to Endace directly, as they
>will be able to give better information about their current product
>range and so on. There might even be some Endace employees still lurking
>on the list here somewhere...
>And if you just want some more general info about how it works, feel
>free to ask here, although it's not *really* on topic for WLUG.
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