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Greig McGill greig@h...
Tue Sep 5 17:37:59 NZST 2006

Hi All,

It's been quite a while since I posted to this list.  I've been lurking. 
  I'd just like to ask you all to do me a big favour...

For the last four years, the same very dedicated group of people have 
served as the WLUG committee, give or take a couple of transient 
members.  I'd like to say they've done a great job, especially as this 
is the first year I've not been involved! ;)

The problem is that it's left to them.  I know from past experience that 
there is a lot of complaining behind the scenes, in private emails, and 
on irc about WLUG being run by an exclusive group who all know each 
other, and make decisions without enough consultation.  That would be 
fair criticism if anyone else ever stood for the committee besides this 
dedicated bunch.

Please consider standing for the WLUG committee.  It doesn't require too 
much effort.  You just need to be prepared to turn up to meetings 
regularly, do any tasks that are required of you quickly (and there 
aren't that many), and be good at reporting back to your fellow 
committee members.  If you have good communication skills, and are a 
reasonably motivated person, *please* put your name forward.

I'd like to think I'm not being hypocritical by not standing myself, I 
did it for four years, the last as president.  I don't think it's unfair 
of me to hope that others will put their name forward.  I've stepped 
right back this year, hardly even attending meetings, as I've had other 
priorities.  I'd also like to think that the current hard working 
committee could do the same and not feel like if they do, nobody will 
step up to fill their shoes.

Why does the WLUG even need a committee?  After all, other LUGs don't 
have one.  Well, I think that WLUG has achieved more than all the other 
LUGs in NZ put together.  We have a world class knowledge base in our 
wiki, we have a great library, we have excellent knowledgeable 
membership, we hold regular informative meetings with interesting 
speakers, and we're just generally damn cool.  Not to mentions things 
like installfests, software freedom days, and other such public advocacy 
events.  WLUG rocks (I reckon).  Would all this have happened without 
that same dedicated bunch pushing it along?  I don't think so.  Thank 
you Lindsay, David, Craig, Ian, Perry, Matthias, and all the other 
regular helpers, Matt, John, Daniel, and others.

Right, I've gone on enough.  Please consider standing for the 2006/2007 
committee.  It's not too much work, and it makes a huge difference.


Greig McGill

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