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Matt Brown matt@m...
Mon Sep 11 11:44:20 NZST 2006

Jeff asked people to:

If you're watching this list and love your LUG, please pass this message
on to your fellow LUG members!


- Jeff

So, don't say you weren't informed :P

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Subject: [Linux-aus] 2007 Call For Participation - Five
days to go!
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 09:26:03 +1000
From: Jeff Waugh <jdub@p...>
To: Linux Australia <linux-aus@l...> 2007 Call For Participation - Five days to go!

There are only FIVE DAYS LEFT to submit your proposal for
2007. Heed our words, procrastinators -- your time has come! Remember to
check the 'travel assistance' box if you can't get to Australia under your
own steam... If your submission rocks, we'll sort that out for you. :-)

Important dates

 * Extended proposal deadline: September 15, 2006
 * Notifications by review committee: October 15, 2006
 * Conference begins: January 15, 2007

Call for Participation

Presentations are the main part of the conference and consist of a 40 minute
talk followed by 10 minutes for questions. Presentations provide an an ideal
opportunity to present a new technology or idea to the community.

Papers related to their presentation can be submitted by academics who are
accepted to give a presentation in the conference. These papers are
peer-reviewed by an international papers committee. Papers will be included
in the conference proceedings. The papers track allows students, researchers
and academics to have their work formally recognised.

Tutorials are half-day presentations which provide an opportunity to provide
an in-depth and hands on look at a specific technology. These tutorials
should be interactive, and the level of expertise required by participants
should be clear so people can choose tutorials appropriate to their level.

Mini-confs form an important part of by providing an
opportunity for various groups within the community to come together to
share ideas and experiences. Mini-confs can be 1 or 2 day events, and an
appropriate room will be provided by the team.

There will be other opportunities to participate in 2007, such
as poster sessions, lighting talks and BOFs however organisation of these
events will happen immediately before, or at the conference.


Most presentations will be of a technical nature, however we encourage
presentations covering educational, organisational, community or similar
aspects of Open Source software. Promotional presentations, commercial
advertisements, sales pitches and their like are not appropriate for this

Proposals on the following topics are encouraged:

  * System administration:
   - Monitoring
   - Deployment
   - Best practices
   - Linux deployments, practical experiences and war stories
  * Deep hacking:
   - Low level design and implementation of large and complex pieces of
     software such as kernels, database engines, or compilers.
  * The Craft of Programming
   - Programming languages
   - Tools
   - Project management
  * Free culture
   - Open Source in education
   - Important legal
   - Advocacy
   - Community
   - Government
  * The user experience
   - Open media, multi-media
   - Desktop environment
   - End-user applications, productivity apps
  * Cool hacks
   - Anything which doesn't fall under one of the other topics

Review Committee

 * Angus Lees
 * Andre Pang
 * Conrad Parker
 * Erik de Castro Lopo
 * Glynn Foster
 * Mary Gardiner
 * Martin Pool
 * Michael Davies
 * Peter Chubb
 * Robert Collins
 * Rusty Russell
 * Silvia Pfeiffer

Proposal Guidelines

Proposals for presentations and tutorials should be around 400 words and
should detail the subject you want to talk about and include links to any
other relevant details, such as a project home page. Remember this proposal
needs to convince our programme committee that you should be talking at 2007.

Proposals for miniconfs can be up to 2000 words, and should detail the
community involved, the expected number of attendees, proposed activities
and detail any support you would like from the organising committee. This
proposal needs to convince us that you can organise an interesting,
successful miniconf that people are going to want to go to!

Papers should be no longer than 14 pages and are reliant upon the related
presentation being accepted for

Papers and proposals should be submitted in an appropriate open format, such
as 7-bit ASCII text, HTML, DocBook or LaTeX.

Proposal requires pre-registration, providing the following information:

    * Full name (and preferred handle, if any)
    * Complete email address
    * Short biography, in around 1 - 3 paragraphs. The biography should
      include any previous speaking or organising experience.

Proposals and papers and should be submitted through our web form:

Any featured software in papers must be available under a licence compatible
with the Open Source Definition. Any papers that are accompanied by
non-disclosure agreement forms will be rejected. All successful papers must
be eligible for republication on-line and on distribution media given to
conference attendees. requires publication rights to accepted
papers, including the publication of the audio proceedings as well as
publication and reproduction rights to any video filmed during the
presentations. These rights are non-exclusive. Copyright ownership is
retained by the author. Submitting an abstract indicates understanding of
and consent to these conditions.

In the event that you miss one of the deadlines we reserve the right to
revoke any offer to present your paper. We take having the paper for the
conference proceedings very seriously and late proposals place an undue
burden on our formatting team.

All proposals must be complete by the closing date -- that is, the 15th of
September is not merely a closing date for abstracts.

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