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Graham Lauder yorick_@o...
Mon Sep 11 12:03:13 NZST 2006

zcat wrote:
>> We have machines arranged - we wish to demo Ubuntu on the desktops because
>> that is what is being given away, and have decided to have four machines,
>> two running Windows, two running Linux.  Thank you for your offer though,
>> and we might take it up in future as we are hoping to run some training
>> courses next year.
> I'm currently doing the Certificate in Computing at Te Wananga (I was 
> bored, and I get a fairly decent computer to play with :)
> It's totally MS-centered and there is quite a lot of material (videos, 
> interactive tests) which I don't think INGOTS has any equivalent of.

INGOTs isn't a test. It's a Skills Assessment Certification, so no we
don't have any and nor do we want any, although we would be happy to
make it available from our resources repository.
I'll try to explain a little below.

> I would be quite interested in recreating the entire course around OOo 
> and other free software, with the same unit-standards structure and 
> reusing the INGOTS material where appropriate, but I think I'm going to 
> need a bit of help and a good video camera. Who do I talk to?
Simple answer - me!  :)

I might even have a video Camera that I can lay hands on!

However, remember that INGOTs is simply a series of assessment
goalposts, not a course.  How a Teacher or Tutor structures a course to
achieve those goals is up to the individual Teacher. 

INGOTs is designed to hand the teaching back to the teacher in the
classroom.  It's also designed to be Self and Peer Assessed with
moderation by an Assessor.  They are designed to leverage the power of
the group learning situation.    From a pedagogical point of view,
courses done purely on a computer can be useful, but they don't cater
well to all learning styles,  rather they are another tool in the kit. 
It should be pointed out that a teacher is not always necessary where a
group is gathered to achieve a common learning goal, facilitation is
more important than Up Front teaching.  For instance *this* group is an
excellent example of peer group learning and that achieved without an
actual defined goal. The goals are there without being held up in the
spot light. For instance:  Be able to install a Linux distro.  Then
small standards after that: Customise a Desktop, do stuff on the command
line,  Administer a home network and so on.  These are unwritten units
yet the Wiki is proof of the power of  Peer Group Learning.  It's the
power of FOSS as well. 

For instance, I'm pretty sure I could do assessments and as a result,
Certificate many of the active members of this list as INGOTs Assessors
and  Assessor Trainers.  Did these people set out to do that? No of
course not, but the common group interest and hence learning has brought
them all to a point beyond the assessment standard.

However having said all that, any tool that an INGOTs Assessor can have
at their disposal is appreciated. 

Certificates can only be awarded by INGOTs Assessors and this in itself
can create problems especially given that INGOTs is very new in NZ
(Whereas in the UK it is an accredited body for creating of Assessments
and Examinations in ICT for the UK version of  NZQA.  In other words
they Create the Unit Standards) Even though becoming a Bronze Assessor
isn't that Onerous. 

A way to get around this, would be the creation of a series of tasks
that would require a Student to use all the skills required in the
Assessment Criteria.    So for instance it could be a document formatted
in a certain way with various objects and graphics that had to be
created in other apps inserted in the body of that Document.  Such a
project could be a Gold INGOT project and a Gold INGOT holder can become
a Silver Level Assessor (Or Silver: Bronze).  Task based assessment such
as this are much more useful than "tick the box-answer this" tests.  In
other words  A person could simply take the task home and once a result
was achieved that fitted within the goals of the task, they would have
ticked all the boxes in the assessment criteria.  Then it's simply a
matter of dropping a handy Assessor an email and getting together over a
computer and a coffee.  Even better if there is a peer group working
together toward the same goal.

On a completely different note I would like to get the INGOTs translated
into Maori.  I'm also working with the Maori Language Commission at the
moment to get a Maori NLP (Native Language Project) going at OOo.  So if
you come across any Geeks at the Wa, fluent in Te Reo,  I would be very
interested to hear from them.  The Commission has already had a
translation done for MS.  While the MS language packs don't work in
OOo,  the commission has retained the word lists.  (As a note of
interest; the MS translation was done at Waikato Uni. )


ISO 26300 compliant

Graham Lauder, MarCon (Marketing Contact) NZ

INGOTs Moderator for New Zealand
INGOTs Assessor Trainer
(International Grades in Office Technologies)

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