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Bryce Utting butting@i...
Thu Apr 16 19:40:08 NZST 2009

Kyle Carter wrote:
> Collectively on irc we thought the 13th of January 2008.. 
> Someone could pull logs to verify..
> Town is too quiet to be pre xmas.. theres no sport on and theres no busy
> churches.. so no sat or Sunday... its early afternoon also.

well, for one: seems fair to assume all imagery was taken on the same 
day; I'd be surprised if here at Tongariro St was taken separately to 
Chartwell Square just down the road.

so, for two: it's definitely quiet, but there's a truck backing into 
home here (48), which only happened on (a) Sun 14/12 around 5pm or (b) 
Wed 17/12 sometime in the pm.  (unless my mail folder is lying to me)

for three: the shops are -far- too quiet for a Sunday before Christmas, 
but busy enough for late weekday pm to be plausible.  (Thursday parking 
around the various centres would've been *chocka*, probably from 3pm.)

for four: my car's not at home, which rules out 14/12.  I think I see it 
in Collingwood St though, which boosts the odds of 17/12.  definitely 
before 5pm.  I remember the parking in Collingwood St/Ruakiwi Rd being 
light that week, but the few cars that are there makes it much more 
likely to be later in the day than earlier.

for five: cars are parked on the Bryce St clearway, so before 4:30.

so, yeah: close enough to Christmas that the general bustle in town has 
slowed down, but not so close that last-minute weekday panic buying has 

ain't putting money on it, but it seems pursuasive to me!


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