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List discussion should:
- be honest
- accentuate the positive, without hyperbole or blatant misrepresentation
- maintain a reasonable level of spelling and grammar
- not indulge in ad hominem attacks
- not continue inflammatory or abusive threads
- not be unprofessional or petty, especially with respect to the names of other software companies
- not promote or denigrate political, cultural, or religious views
- not indulge in marketing or advertising, other than on a private sale basis, or advertising of jobs -- which may be announced once only
- job advertisements are to be open source operating systems related, suitable for a resident in New Zealand
- job advertisements require all available details be posted rather than a link
- not reproduce copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder
- not defame any person or organisation

Posters who consistently violate these guidelines will be dealt with at the discretion of the List Maintainer.

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